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2/2018   Drive Excellence: Auditing Fleet Safety Process to Manage Risk Safety Management
  by Nancy J. Bendickson, Brian Hammer and Peggy E. Ross
  Fleet audits, and auditing in general, can be daunting to even the most seasoned safety professional. This article discusses the importance of fleet audits, explains how to manage the fleet-focused audit process and details elements of the fleet audit. It also defines the comprehensive fleet audit process that may be used to identify findings that help drive change and develop effective corrective and preventive actions.
2/2018   Sometimes the Rules Are Wrong: Questioning Common Sense Professional Issues
  by Dave Curry, John Meyer and Mary M. Pappas
  This article examines the example of rules related to driving to explore safety rules that are normally accepted without critical evaluation. Many of these safety heuristics are predicated on what appears to be common sense or tribal wisdom, but actually conflict with existing scientific and technical research.
2/2018   Business Risks: What Happens When Leaders Are Committed to Nonoptimal OSH Systems? Safety Management
  by Vladimir Ivensky
  Executive commitment to safety is crucial for a company. This article reviews leadership commitment to nonoptimal OSH systems as a business risk and how OSH system deficiencies such as misbalance between elements of a safety program, nonoptimal design of OSH organization and incorrect assumptions surrounding low incident rates can affect a company.