2018 Year Articles

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2 Drive Excellence: Auditing Fleet Safety Process to Manage Risk Nancy J. Bendickson, Brian Hammer and Peggy E. Ross Safety Management 063/02/F1_0218.pdf AWFNkhlTOTZxi9PVPFyF Delete Edit
2 Sometimes the Rules Are Wrong: Questioning Common Sense Dave Curry, John Meyer and Mary M. Pappas Professional Issues 063/02/F2_0218.pdf AWFNkxedOTZxi9PVPFyG Delete Edit
2 Business Risks: What Happens When Leaders Are Committed to Nonoptimal OSH Systems? Vladimir Ivensky Safety Management 063/02/F3_0218.pdf AWFNk-rDOTZxi9PVPFyH Delete Edit
1 Safety Across Cultures: Understanding the Challenges Michael A. Flynn, Elizabeth Castellanos and Augusto Flores-Andrade Professional Issues 063/01/F1_0118.pdf AWC4xgo5y06tZgEPqmcO Delete Edit
1 Online PPE Training: Developing a Pilot Program for Secondary Schools Koshy Koshy, Derek G. Shendell, Lindsey J. Milich and Alexa A. Patti Safety Training 063/01/F2_0118.pdf AWC4xqpWy06tZgEPqmcP Delete Edit